• Darin Arneth

    Darin Arneth

    Darin stands around 5' tall and weighs about 115lbs. He has shoulder length jet black hair and a goatee. His eyes are a light blue.
  • Elnok Callahan

    Elnok Callahan

    Bald tatooed head Ht:4'10 Wt:45lbs
  • Father Yanov

    Father Yanov

    The resident priest of Steeplefall
  • Felix Arneth

    Felix Arneth

    Felix stands around 6'3" and weighs about 210 lbs. He is muscular with broad shoulders. His hair is short and cropped close to his head. He has dark green eyes.
  • Orrin Osberht

    Orrin Osberht

    1st lvl Ranger