At Last, Atlas!

Night of the Straw Men

Session 2
Elnok also had a strange encounter. Felix arrived with a message from Father Yanov, the local priest of the Creator, a member of the Ministry. Father Yanov says that he has a message he would like Elnok to deliver to the head priest of the town, Gregor, who has left town on an errand to Ellesmere. Also, in Ellesmere is Father Callahan, Elnok’s adoptive father, who is also a Cleric within the Ministry. Yanov, also has a package for Father Callahan, that he wants Elnok to deliver for him. Orrin agrees to help Elnok, to take him through the bog, to possibly catch or even cut in front of Gregor. Before Elnok got a chance to speak with Yanov the ceremony bagan, and shortly after was attacked by The Scarecrow, an animated Straw Man, more than 6 feet tall. He yells to the priest “The greater the sin, the bigger the straw man. I AM YOUR STRAW MAN PRIEST! Living testament to the number and gravity of your sins!” The PC’s attack and defeat the Scarecrow, saving Father Yanov. Immediately after the battle with the scarecrow the PC’s see a man, dressed all in black, a cowl covering his face. He laughs maniacally and flees down a small side street near the Inn. The PC’s chase after him but when the PC’s round the corner to follow him they discover that he has disappeared. When the PC’s return to the Green and to the dais they had left Yanov on, they find that the priest is gone as well. With no trace as to where he has gone. The Mayor, who was hiding directly behind the dais during the attack by the scarecrow, says that the priest was there one moment and just gone the next. He doesn’t know what happened to him.
The PC’s then go to the tent belonging to the mystic Ednea, who cackles insanely giving them the vague and crazy sounding warning “beware the impish prince. the impish prince. He has taken an interest in you. And his fathers eye shall be upon you!” she then returns to her mad cackling. The PC’s at first don’t get much more out of her, but when Elnok goes back in to talk to her she told him, cryptically, to “follow the lights, follow the lights in the bog! Hehehe”



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