At Last, Atlas!

Night of the Straw Men

Session 3
Following that the PC’s prepared for the trip in to the bog, the following morning. They left just after first light. The first day was uneventful, and considering they were still within the confines of their home land, they decided it was unnecessary to set a watch. It was a mistake they will not make again. The PC’s awoke shortly after midnight, after hearing a thud within the camp. When they looked around they saw that there was an arrow, of extremely high quality stuck in the ground between the legs of Darin. Wrapped around the arrow is a piece of paper (that is paper, not parchment. It was high quality paper, and on the paper was written the simple note:
                                        “You’re really going to follow the lights? Hehehe “
Following the arrow in the ground, the PCs set a watch and went back to sleep. They proceeded the next morning onward toward the bog. Once the PCs reached the bog, they called it a night. The next day when they decided to push on through the bog during the day, they noticed that the fog was staying with them, and was preternaturally thick all day long. Once night came the PCs decided to tie themselves together with a length of rope, and push on during the growing night. Eventually they spotted a light off in the distance, off the path that Orrin was leading them on, a path that Orrin knew could get them through the bog without getting lost or killed through drowning in the bog. After a debate about the pros and cons of following the lights the PCs decided to follow Edea’s advice and follow the lights. For a while the lights led them through the bog, eventually leading them through a deep part of the bog that forced Felix to carry Elnok, as he could not navigate the bog on his own any further. At one point Elnok used his natural ability as a Gnome to create Dancing Lights and Ghost Sounds, making it duplicate exactly what the lights were doing. Eventually the PCs reached a rock outcropping within the bog, and the lights stopped, barring their path. Felix called out for the person who was leading them on to show himself. The yelling caused a hideous creature to awaken inside the cave. The creature was the size of a bear, but walked on two legs. It was covered in thick coarse fur, on stalks similar to feathers. The head was horribly misshapen and had a wicked, crooked beak. Eventually the PCs defeated the creature and when they searched the cave found Yanov, tied up in a sack near the back of the cave, on a pile of decaying bones. However when they found him, they discovered that he was making no sound. Even when he started shuffling around and moving the PCs still couldn’t hear any noise coming from him at all.
The next morning the PCs headed back toward Steeplefall with Father Yanov in tow. They eventually get back to Steeplefall, but when they show up the town has been attacked. The stories the PCs are able to put together from the various townfolk is that some several dozen men attacked the town. They all came the night before and started attacking people, and destroying property. Many knocked down lamps and lanterns causing fires throughout the town. Eventually the town militia was able to confront and stop the attackers. When any one confronted the attackers they reported that the attackers went stiff, their eyes were blank, and sightless, and they dropped dead. Their skin was said to be palid and sickly looking. Many people around town said that they recognized some of the attackers as people who were from around the town and outlying villages. People that had disappeared over the last year.

Night of the Straw Men

Session 2
Elnok also had a strange encounter. Felix arrived with a message from Father Yanov, the local priest of the Creator, a member of the Ministry. Father Yanov says that he has a message he would like Elnok to deliver to the head priest of the town, Gregor, who has left town on an errand to Ellesmere. Also, in Ellesmere is Father Callahan, Elnok’s adoptive father, who is also a Cleric within the Ministry. Yanov, also has a package for Father Callahan, that he wants Elnok to deliver for him. Orrin agrees to help Elnok, to take him through the bog, to possibly catch or even cut in front of Gregor. Before Elnok got a chance to speak with Yanov the ceremony bagan, and shortly after was attacked by The Scarecrow, an animated Straw Man, more than 6 feet tall. He yells to the priest “The greater the sin, the bigger the straw man. I AM YOUR STRAW MAN PRIEST! Living testament to the number and gravity of your sins!” The PC’s attack and defeat the Scarecrow, saving Father Yanov. Immediately after the battle with the scarecrow the PC’s see a man, dressed all in black, a cowl covering his face. He laughs maniacally and flees down a small side street near the Inn. The PC’s chase after him but when the PC’s round the corner to follow him they discover that he has disappeared. When the PC’s return to the Green and to the dais they had left Yanov on, they find that the priest is gone as well. With no trace as to where he has gone. The Mayor, who was hiding directly behind the dais during the attack by the scarecrow, says that the priest was there one moment and just gone the next. He doesn’t know what happened to him.
The PC’s then go to the tent belonging to the mystic Ednea, who cackles insanely giving them the vague and crazy sounding warning “beware the impish prince. the impish prince. He has taken an interest in you. And his fathers eye shall be upon you!” she then returns to her mad cackling. The PC’s at first don’t get much more out of her, but when Elnok goes back in to talk to her she told him, cryptically, to “follow the lights, follow the lights in the bog! Hehehe”

Night of the Straw Men

Session 1.
Night of the Straw Men.
The Night of the Straw Men starts with the PC’s in their hometown of Steeplefall. It is the Night of the Straw Men, an annual festival in late fall symbolizing the new year and giving the citizens a way to repent any sins they committed in the last year, though some take it as a way of freeing themselves to commit more debauchery in the coming year.
The adventure begins with the PC’s all attending the festival. In the center of the Town Green there is a blazing bonfire where the townsfolk will deposit their straw men into the fire after telling the straw men their sins for the past year. Darin and Felix show up at the festival and have a strange encounter with several extremely fair haired people, with a wind blown look to them. When Darin and Felix confront of the three strangers, he tells them that the other two were his siblings and that they may be a danger to Darin, whom they all believe could possibly be a descendant of their father Charad, an elemental being of air, who has appeared on Atlas a few times over the last several hundred years, including around 30 years ago, during which time he fathered the three siblings. The siblings believe that Charad fathered an ancestor of Darin’s many many years ago during a previous time he was on Atlas.


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